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Black Peter Pan Dickey Collar

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As featured in OK! Magazine and in Touch Weekly, IGotCollared peter pan dickey collars (also called dickies and detachable collars) provide the illusion of wearing a button down collar shirt without the added bulk. This wonderful layering accessory will help you create endless professional and casual outfits in just seconds. Simply unbutton the collar, place over your neck and style however you like. Our white and black peter pan dickey collars look great under sweaters, shift dresses, blazers - even your favorite T-shirt! Stock up on all of our great colors and prints, including white, black, light blue, navy blue, black and white polka dot, leopard print and black and white gingham plaid. Stay cool and look classic year round in IGotCollared dickey collars!

 "It's perfect. Needed collared shirts for work and this little dickey is great. It fits under my tee's so it really gives that look I need. Good price and made well. LOVE LOVE LOVE." - Paula T., Satisfied Customer


  • Collar measures for a 15-1/2" neck
  • Collar itself measures 2-1/2"
  • Shoulders measure 3-3.5" on each side
  • Collar measures 10" from the top button down
  • Collar measures 12" across
  • Front and back of the collar are the same length and height