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We've received many accolades since our launch! Hear what some of our fans had to say about our dickey collars! 

4.8 stars on Etsy!

120 100% Positive Reviews on eBay!

4.5 stars on Amazon!

"The PERFECT Thing to Wear Under Collarless Sweaters & Jackets, Thanks a Bunch!" -eBay Review

"Very nice quality,thanks!" -eBay Review

"The Parcel arrived this a few minutes ago by Canada Post. Was so surprised. Opened the package, and found three beautiful dickeys. They are perfect. Love every one of them. Thank you ever so much. If I decide I want more, I would certainly order from you again." - eBay Review

"I have ordered several of these; I keep coming back for "crisp" well made collars. If only they had more colors!" -Karen B., Etsy Review

"Exactly what I needed. [Dicky collars are] Very well made." -Debbie H., Etsy Review

"[Dickie collars are] Just as described. Great seller." -Whitey G., Etsy Review

"The collar worked perfectly. It stayed in place under my crew neck sweater. It looked great and I received many compliments. It shipped very quickly." -Linda M., Etsy Review

"[The dickies are] Great for wearing under sweaters. Completes the look without the bulk of another shirt and prevents you from getting hot." -Lynn J., Amazon review

"Five Stars. [These dicky collars are] Just what I needed." -Linda M., Amazon Review

 "Five Stars. I was very pleased with my purchase!" -Yvonne M., Amazon Review

 " Five Stars. Perfect for my daughter that needs a collared shirt for school." -Hunter L., Amazon review

"Great layering pieces. My daughter has a dress code at her school, and these dickies work beautifully for her, under sweaters and dresses. They launder well, and flatter a range of sizes (XS-XL). A true bargain." -Etsy Review

"Very nice and perfect relaxed (dickey) collar that needs little ironing and looks great!! I'm ordering another one!" -Lisa C., Amazon Review

"(The dickies) look great under sweaters just what i was looking for." -Etsy Review

 "Was just what I wanted. Found if I use a small pin the dickie collars don't ride up. Would buy them again." -Marilyn T., Amazon Review

"Adds the perfect touch underneath sweater. These (dicky collars) are wonderful underneath a heavy sweater for a finishing look." -Janet L., Amazon Review

"Spruce up your fashion statement with a wrinkle free, launder easy, Dickey. The fit is fine. The real bonus, besides the low price, is you can toss in washer and dryer AND these don't wrinkle. Wish they had full blouses of this fabric." - Jenny T., Amazon Review

"These are the best (dicky collars) on the market. The material is substantial. The construction is unique- they button down, but the bottom ends are sewn together for a firm fit." -Bgiglet, Amazon Review

"Worked out well. I needed a white collared shirt for my harry potter costume but then I got to thinking; a bra, button down shirt, grey sweater, and a thick school robe in the Florida heat would have been horrible. This (dicky) allowed me to pull off the look with one less layer of clothing. Thank you from a Slytherin!" -A.L., Amazon Review

"Love these collars. Fast Shipping - great seller. Thank you!" -eBay order

"Very reputable seller. Had a small problem and they resolved it instantly. A+++" -eBay order

"Great product and fast fast shipping!" -eBay order

"Great transaction (on dicky collars)!" -eBay order

"Super fast shipping, items just as described. Perfect transaction." -eBay order

"Happy with the purchase of these dickies! Thanks for a great transaction!" -eBay order

"LIGHTNING SPEED SHIPPING, GREAT BUY (on dickies), thank you :)!!!!!" -eBay order


"Perfect... LOVE!!!" -eBay order for dickeys

"The person I bought these (dickeys) for loves them. Fast shipping too!" -eBay order

"Nice Dickies! Fast shipping......" -eBay order

"Great transaction! Very happy." -eBay order

"Super fast shipping, items just as described. Perfect transaction." -eBay order

"A great dickey! I was happy to get something that was made of "sturdy" material. The dickey stayed in under my sweater was kept it's shape! Thank you! " -Etsy review

"loved these items !! thank you" -Etsy review of dickies

"Cute and versatile. Great communication. Thank you!" -Etsy Review of dickeys

"Everything was perfect - thanks!!" -Etsy Review of dickey collars

"Excellent service! Very pleased with my purchase." -Etsy Review

"These (dickeys) are very basic but get the job done." (5 star review) -Etsy Review

"The quality of these (dicky collars) is really nice." -Etsy Review

"(These fake collars) are just what i have been looking for!" -Etsy Review

"I am very pleased with the quality of this product. The weight of the cotton is substantial and there is interfacing in the collars. Well done." -Etsy Review

"Great collars and very fast shipping. Perfect!" -Etsy Review

"Was completely wrong for me--huge collar--kept it but chalked it up to "mistakes I'd sooner forget" I like small collars--this one is huge!! If that's what you like, then this the item for you." AND HERE'S OUR RESPONSE "Hi Charlotte, we just resized our collars. We went from a 3-1/2" collar to a 2-1/2" collar based upon customer feedback. I'm going to send you one at no cost. I hope this works out better for you! Regards, Linda" -From Etsy Exchange

"These collars are the perfect size for all of my sweaters, shirts and crewnecks, thanks!!" -Etsy Review

"Great product (referring to our dickie collars) and even better seller. Was fast to deliver the items and though there was a slight mix up the seller corrected it quickly and without hassle. I would highly recommend this seller." -Etsy Review

"I like these (dicky collars) a lot as they prevent bulk under sweaters and prevent me from being too hot when wearing a shirt with a sweater." -Amy C., Amazon

"I love how long the tuck in part of the dickey is, however the collar is much longer than the picture indicates, so I considered that misleading. The quality is good though and it launders beautifully." -Carolyn B., Amazon

"It's perfect. Needed collared shirts for work and this little dickey is great. It fits under my tee's so it really gives that look I need. Good price and made well. LOVE LOVE LOVE." - Paula T., Amazon

"I loved this collar as far as the material and the workmanship. However, I wish i had a choice of a smaller size. I have to pin it at the neck to keep it from gaping all around my neck. I weigh 110 pounds and normally wear a size small or medium blouse. I still wear it with my low cut knit shirts pinned at the neck and it looks great. I gave it four stars because of the lack of size options." -Marilyn C., Amazon


"This is very well made & it is done in a classic style, that will always be in fashion. The collar is nice & long, so it shows through long hair & it stays in place too. Very pleased with my purchase & how fast it was shipped out. Thank You! :-)" -TC, Amazon

"Needed a couple of 'dickies' for some low cut sweaters and tees to wear to work. These fit the bill. Great price and quick shipping." -Cmiles, Amazon

"Well packaged fast delivery! Pleased!" -eBay Order

"Received my order. Love them they are for work we have to wear collar shirts." -eBay Order

"This seller cares about your satisfaction! Very pleased, thank you!" -eBay Order

"Love the dickey. Thank you!" -eBay Order

"Easy transaction. May order more!" -eBay Order

"Exactly as described- great seller! Incredibly fast shipping!Thank you :)" -eBay Order

"love love love product (dicky collar)!!!" -eBay Order

"Smooth transaction and nice dickie. Thanks" -eBay Order

"will buy from again. arrived quick. thank you" -eBay Order

"Amazing customer service...I am both awed and appreciative!" -Gail G., Amazon customer

"Nice [dicky] collar and very fast shipping. Thanks!" -megpeg, eBay review

"Perfect!!!!! Been needing these [dicky collars] for a long time. May order some more!!!!!" -jessicaleggitt, eBay review

"Great seller! Just what I was looking for!!! (referring to our set of two dickys in black and white) -shana_melinda, eBay review

"Great dickies thanks!!!" -blackcurlygirly, eBay review

"Very nice item (referring to our black and white set of two dickie collars)" -vgking, eBay review

"Fast ship and quick arrival. Item exactly as described! (referring to our black and white dickies)" -cniklaus13, eBay review

"Very nice! (referring to our set of two black and white dickys)" -pintobean_2012, eBay review

"Nice item! (referring to our white dickey collar)" -jroberts132, eBay review

"Nice! (referring to our black and white dickies)" -angelfacescannell, eBay review

"5 stars all the way around. Love the dickey collars, fast shipping and great communication!!!" -susie0703, eBay review

"No problem experienced. Packaged carefully. Great seller! (referring to the order of black and white dickys" -patcarl, eBay review

"They are darling and so soft!!! Many thanks. A+++++++ (referring to our classic dickeys in black and white)" -mdmbutterfly2, eBay review

"Perfect!!!! (referring to our black and white dicky collars)" -rpisces, eBay review

"This is very well made & it is done in a classic style, that will always be in fashion. The collar is nice & long, so it shows through long hair & it stays in place too. Very pleased with my purchase & how fast it was shipped out. Thank You! :-)" -Amazon Review, 5 stars

"Don't hesitate to buy these dickies by 'I got collared' I purchased two, one black and one white for $19.99 at their site. NO s/h - I was skeptical buying them but when they arrived I was astonished at how great they looked under my Kelly green sweatshirt. The material is good and the collar is good size, not skimpy. Little button too, nice detail. Great little item." -Amazon Review, 5 stars

"Work dress code requires a collared white shirt.... This will be perfect for summer. Hoping the dicky collar will not shift around under a work smock. Almost wish I had ordered more." -Amazon Review, 4 stars

"I was surprised to realize there's no top button on the dickie, guess I should have looked more closely at the photos. Still, it's perfect for wearing under a comfy shirt for work so I don't have to wash my white button-downs constantly. I wouldn't mind if it were a bit bigger across the shoulders, but I was wearing a rather wide-necked shirt with it. For typical wear, as a one-size-fits-all item, I have no real complaints." -Amazon Review, 4 stars ****FROM IGOTCOLLARED: PLEASE NOTE, NEWER COLORS AND PATTERNS HAVE A TOP BUTTON

"Love the dicky collar! Fast shipping." -mlsbgram, eBay review

"Perfect transaction. Dickie collar as described." -eileenbran, eBay review

"Love the dickie collar! Thanks!" -tanderson129, eBay review

"Excellent ebayer. Great communication on the dickey collars. Would do business with again!!!" -disneyinbasement, eBay review

"Very nice item (referring to our white dicky collar)." -louise45farm, eBay review

"Nice! (referring to our black and white dicky collars)" -cbb1966, eBay review

"Fast shipping on the dicky collars. A++++" -garcia_da, eBay review

"Dicky as described. Fast shipment. Smooth transaction." -kimmysoo, eBay review

"The dickey collars are darling and so soft. Many thanks. A++++++!" -mdmbutterfly2, eBay review

"5 stars all the way around. Love the dickey collars. Fast shipping and great communication!" -angelfacescannell, eBay review

"Do your shirt collar dickies come in any colors besides black and white? I would buy them all, love your product!" -Valerie

"Good idea. Great business." -Bette T., San Jose, CA

"Please produce your [detachable collars] in additional colors." -Sandra B., East Providence, RI

"So happy to find a site that sells these [dickey / dickie / dicky / detachable collars]. Thanks guys!!" -Kathleen J., Bloomsburg, PA

"Just wanted to let you know that we got 1st place in our High Kick Competition this past weekend in Saginaw, MI!!   It's always very competitive between our team (Livonia Pom) and the Garden City Middle School team.  We beat them by 1 point....!!!  Anyways, I'm sharing the you tube video with you and attaching some pics for your site. Thanks so much for all of your help." -Heather S., Livonia, MI

"Very nicely made. Thanks for your service." -Kathy D., Downer's Grove, IL

"Just received my order that I placed just 3 days ago! I have always love the layered look, however, different sizes in my bust and waist have kept me from finding a tailored shirt to does not pull and expose undergarments. Problem solved with my new collars- chic collar with no bulk. Fast shipping, great product and handwritten note from owner... these are the kinds of people you want to see successful in business. Best of luck to you!" -Whitney S., Folsom, CA

"I just got it today!! I absolutely love the dickey collars! Thanks for everything!" -Kathryn G., Canonsburgh, PA

"The dickey collars arrived today and they are terrific. They will be very useful. I have a few lovely fine merino wool jumpers which I wear to work and the necklines are way to baggy! These dickey collars will make them (and me) look much better. Thanks again for being so responsive." -June C., Australia

"I just wanted to let you know that the collar is an awesome purchase. I love the fact that I do not need to layer. Just hope you would make the dickey collar with patterns, like polka dot." -Hanh N., Hillsboro, OR

"I purchased the collars a couple of months ago. They work well. Thanks!" Scott S., Minnetonka MN

"I ordered the collars mainly for my mom who lives with me. She still has some of her "vanity genes" intact and doesn't like much of her neck to show these days. She has several collarless knit tops for summer, which she just won't wear without some type of collar. She has LOTS of blouses, but even though I kind of like ironing (takes me back to my childhood), I just can't keep up with that and dry cleaners are too expensive. It gets pretty warm here in Santa Fe in mid-summer, so the light fabric of your dickeys should be perfect, and very easy for her to put on herself... P.S. we enjoyed the name of your company!" -Kathie L. and "Mom", Santa Fe, NM

"[IGotCollared Dicky Collars] are a nice quality fabric and the collar does stand up... These collars have been impossible to find in recent years and I'll be happy to share your information with friends." -Barbara E., Glencoe, IL

"My 60th  class reunion is on Sat. June 22nd and I REALLY need this to go with my outfit. Thank you and I am so happy I found your site." -Joyce S., South Grafton, MA

"I received the collars on Wednesday and they are just what I wanted. Thank you so much for the card enclosed and for the well wishes." -Joyce S., South Grafton, MA 

"Received the two collars in the mail and they are just want I have been looking for." Carol H., Plattsmouth, NE

"Recently received my order of two dickey collars and wanted to let you know how much I like them. In fact, I’m wearing my black dickey today and it looks and feels great. More importantly, I was extremely surprised to see the personal thank you note inside my envelope. I don’t recall ever receiving such a thing and am most impressed. What a nice touch! Thanks much!" -Irene E., Cabot, AR

"Received the dickey collars. I don't know why they ever went out of fashion. Just what I was looking for. Thank you!" -Ann E., Woodstock, NB, Canada

"Received the set of two dickey collars and my mother is so pleased.  She states they are very, very well constructed and was super pleased with them and the prompt time in which they arrived.  Thanks for making them available, they are so hard to find." -Karen T., Renovo, PA

"Just wanted to let you know how much I love your product. I purchased 2, in white, from Amazon. And I wore one today, under a black sweater. And got many compliments, on the style of the dickey collar. It is so very classic. It is nice and long & allows for diversity too.  Looks great with a crew neck, v neck or cardigan style. I am very pleased with my purchase. I would love to see you make this in blue denim, too. And perhaps in more colors, patterns (plaids or stripes) or fabrics (lace). Thank you for making such a well made & classic dickey collar. It will never go out of style." -Tina C., Larchmont, NY

"My purchase arrived yesterday so I wanted to let you know.  I am very pleased with the quality and so glad that I found your website.  I have been looking for [dickey collars] for a very long time because most retail stories do not carry them anymore. Thanks again for processing my order so promptly!" -Janice W., Trempealeau, WI

"Received our order [of dickey collars] and we are very satisfied (ordered two for a co-worker), but would love to have them in more colors (pink, navy, etc.)." -Drema C. Matheny, WV 

During our video shoot, we asked our customers why they love IGotCollared dickey collars and here were their responses: 

"As a marketing executive who's always on the go, I have limited space in my carry on, but always need a variety of outfits for my important meetings. That's why I love IGotCollared Dickey Collars." -Nora S., Mahwah, NJ

"I'm a teacher on a budget. [The dickey collars] help me create endless work outfits. I even look cute for happy hour!" -Tracy L., Providence, RI

"I have two kids, a full-time job and night classes. I need fashion that's comfortable. That's why I love the dickey collars from" -Kristine P., Waterville, NY

"I never know when my hot flashes are going to strike. So now I can wear my dickey collar, which let's my look professional, without the uncomfortable heat." -Becky P., Hamilton, NY

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