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IGotCollared by LS Parry Inc. is the largest marketer and distributor of dickey collars in the United States (our product is also commonly called "dicky" and "dickie" collars)!

Founded in December 2012 by a NY-based fashionista and marketing guru, IGotCollared is quickly expanding its footprint and product offering thanks to YOU, all of our wonderful customers!

Here are some of our highlights!

  • We successfully sell our IGotCollared dickey collars through Harmon Discount Stores (a division of Bed Bath & Beyond)! We're now offering white, black and light blue dickeys in select stores.
  • We're selling our dickeys through Full of Life catalog, a Johnson Smith company
  • IGotCollared dickey collars were named the runner-up on QVC Sprouts! 
  • We were also a contestant on Wal-Mart's Get on the Shelf program 
  • We've sold over 10,000 dickey collars since our launch just over two years ago!
  • We sold a dickey collar as far away as the United Arab Emirates AND down under to Australia! Plus, we've sold our collars to the military!
  • Our dickey collars were worn by the Livonia Pom dance team in Michigan where they just won first place (by 1 point!) in the High Kick Competition.
  • We received a funny phone call from a JC Penney sales associate in Rhode Island that had a customer in her store demanding that JC Penney carried our collars! You can read about it here
  • We attended the MAGIC Market in Las Vegas and were introduced to wonderful boutiques and category buyers that are now reviewing our product
  • Our dickey collars were adopted as part of the bartender's uniform at Restaurants like Sonoma Bar & Grill in Rockland County, NY.
  • We expanded our line from traditional black and white dickey collars to include prints and colors such as leopard print dickey collars, light blue dickey collars, black and white polka dot dickey collars, gingham plaid dickies, light pink dickeys and navy dicky collars.
  • We're now selling our dickey collars at Kmart, Sears and through Taylor Smith catalog. 
  • We'll be selling our dickey collars through Kinney Drugs this fall!
  • And we've received wonderful reviews and accolades from the media and our  thousands of fans because of our continued commitment to quality and meticulous attention to detail! 

Stay tuned for more to come! If you'd like to send us a message, please do so here