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Dickey Collar FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Where can I find a great dicky (aka dickey, dickie, fake) collar for women or men? 

Glad you asked! IGotCollared is the largest distributor of dicky collars for women and men in the United States. Our dicky collars are available for sale on our website, and Soon, they'll be available in select Harmon Stores (a division of Bed Bath & Beyond), Full of Life catalog, etsy, eBay and Amazon. 


2. Are IGotCollared dickey (aka dickies, dickys, dickeys) collars available for men and women?

Yes! Both men and women love IGotCollared dicky collars! Our classic black and white dickie collars are one size fits all. They're perfectly paired under men's and women's sweaters, jackets, T-shirts and more! The dimensions are approximately 13-3/4" by 12-1/2". The collar itself is 3-1/2". We'll be offering a smaller 2-1/2" collar soon! 


3. How do women wear dickey collars? 

IGotCollared dicky collars are a versatile layering accessory. For women, our collars look great under dresses, T-shirts, blazers, sweaters and more. You can flip the collar up for a more trendy look, or keep it down, for a classic feel. For the former, we recommend applying a little starch and sealing with a warm iron. If you're experiencing problems with the collars riding up, we recommend either using double sided clear adhesive tape that can affix to your skin, bra, undershirt or tank top or wearing your favorite tank top over the dickey for added comfort and support. 


4. How do men wear dickey collars? 

Our men's dicky collars are available in classic black and white and work well under sweaters, T-shirts and golf shirts. For a trendier look, starch the collar and flip it up. This looks great under a golf shirt in the summer. For a more classic look, wear with a black crew neck sweater and khaki pants. IGotCollared dickey collars for men provide the perfect layered look of wearing a button down shirt without the added heat and bulk. 


5. Does IGotCollared offer more colors or sizes of dicky collars? 

Our fans have been asking us for more colors and sizes of our dickie collars because they love the quality of IGotCollared products. Yes! We're happy to tell you that we're currently in R&D for a leopard print dickey collar. We also have blue dickey collars, pink dickey collars, striped dickey collars, polka dot dickey collars and chevron print dickey collars in R&D. Plus, we've created two different dickie collar sizes - a 3-1/2" and 2-1/2" dicky. We'll be releasing products as they're perfected in the coming months. Check back or sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know! 


6. What's the difference between a detachable collar and a dickey collar?

A detachable collar is the new term for what used to be referred to as a "dickey collar". Detachable collars come in different colors and styles, similar to our dickeys! Check out our assortment to see if our dickey collars meet your detachable collar needs! 


7. What are the measurements of the detachable collar? 

IGotCollared detachable collars measure 9" down on the front from the placement of a top button. The shoulder width is approximately 3-1/2". These detachable collars are ideal to be worn under crew neck shirts, sweaters and dresses. They also work well under v-necks. If you'd like to wear them under a low cut garment, we recommend using double sided tape to help keep them in place. Enjoy!


8. My dicky collar pops out of my sweater. How can I keep it down?

IGotCollared dicky collars are longer than most on the market. They're also made of a higher grade cotton-poly blend. The added weight helps to keep them in place. However, if you're having a problem keeping your dicky collar in place, we recommend tucking the dicky into your bra, wearing a tank top over it or using double sided tape. All are quite effective methods for keeping your dicky collar in place!