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Where Can You Find Dickeys?

Posted by LS Parry on

Dickeys, dickies, dickys - it doesn't matter how you're searching for them, we're hearing that everyone is having a difficult time FINDING them (until now)!

Case-in-point: I received an inquiry from Australia a few weeks ago from a woman stating, "I have been trying to find collars like these for ages and thought I had just got lucky!! Can you please send the dickeys to Australia for me. I look forward to hearing back from you and hope that you will be able to help."

We realized that we had an international shipping glitch, which was an easy fix and a set of two dickeys was shipped down under!

Upon receipt of her order, our new Australian friend exclaimed, "All is well, the dickeys arrived today and they are terrific. They will be very useful. I have a few lovely fine merino wool jumpers which I wear to work and the necklines are way to baggy! These dickeys will make them (and me) look much better. Thanks again for being so responsive."

We're glad you found us, June! And we're thrilled to be selling our dickeys to the land down under! 

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