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Shopping Wives Review of IGotCollared Dickey Collars!

Posted by LS Parry on

We received a wonderful review from Tabby at the Shopping Wives blog. Here's an excerpt! 

"When dressing there are times I want or even need to go a little dressier.  The problem is I burn up!  I am warm blooded by nature so I don’t always want to wear a shirt under a sweater. At the same time I want that dressed up look of the collar. 

I had heard of something called a dickey before but had never really owned or tried one myself.  

[IGotCollared Collars] are perfect to put under any sweater to make it look like you have that collared look!  These are perfect for men or women.  So far they only have white or black but what other collar would you need?

I think they would also make perfect gifts for the hard to buy for people in your lives!  

Another thing I have trouble doing is buying the right size clothes for people.  I either get something that is too big or too small.  With these collars one size does fit all.  My husband and I both can use them.  If you have seen the difference in our sizes then you would really be amazed.

I would  like to thank [IGotCollared] for sending me such an awesome item to review!  I like to share something different with my readers and this was that!"