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Dickey Collars at JC Penney?

Posted by LS Parry on

We received a phone call from a sales associate at JC Penney in Rhode Island about a week ago. She had a customer in her store looking for IGotCollared dickey collars. Unfortunately, we're not currently selling our dickeys in JC Penney yet. The customer had mistakenly thought she saw the dicky collars featured on the JC Penney website. We cleared up the confusion and she ended up purchasing a set of IGotCollared blouse dickey collars from us over the phone. And a few days later, we received a wonderful email from this customer thanking us for creating such a wonderful dickey collar. 

We know that quality dickey collars are hard to come by. Dickies are no longer sold in retail. And online dickys are often flimsy and of cheap quality. That's why we founded Our goal is to help the dickey collar make a comeback! 

Why? Dickeys are a wonderful fashion accessory. The dickey collar can be seamlessly worn under dresses, jackets, sweaters, T-shirts, work uniforms and more. We're even hearing that customers are wearing them under golf shirts for that classic summer look. And since we offer black dickeys and white dickeys, customers can create versatile wardrobe options. 

Our dickeys are a better cotton-poly blend than anything on the market. They're wrinkle resistant. And we offer a satisfaction guarantee. 

Help us spread the word! And help men's and women's dickies make a comeback!