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Light Blue Dickeys

Posted by LS Parry on

How can you wear a light blue dickey? Here are a few ideas: 


1. Wear your light blue dickie under a crew neck black or gray sweater. Pairs well with rolled skinny jeans, heels and an oversized chunky necklace. 

2. The light blue dickey can be layered under a summer blazer and black dress pants or capris. Match the light blue dickey to a blue clutch or heels or added style. 

3. For men, the light blue dicky is perfect under any lightweight spring/summer sweater and jeans or dress pants. Perfect for the office! Look great and stay cool.

4. Many organizations require a blue button down shirt as part of a uniform. Our light blue dickeys do the trick without the added bulk and heat. Give us a call if you want to know about volume discounts. 

5. Our light blue dickie is super cute under a classic black shirt dress. It offers just the perfect hint of color! 


Let us know how you wear your light blue dickies!!!